Picture Ledge – Ledge Shelf

  • Real PINE Wood, sourced responsibly
  • No carcinogen, MDF or other toxic materials used
  • Water and Moisture resistant
  • Made and Handcrafted in India
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This is a real pine softwood shelf, sourced sustainably, and was not manufactured using any harmful, toxic, or carcinogenic residues or chemicals. This shelf is handcrafted by expert carpenters, designers, and artists. Unlike MDF, this wood resists moisture or water absorption and corrects itself in the mild sun. The shelves are sturdy enough to display pictures, plants, and all your decor needs. Due to natural variations in the grain of the wood, every piece is unique, and has naturally occurring knots, giving it the authentic look wood look. The depth of wood is 3 inches to 3.5 inches. The wood is 0.75 inches. Each shelf comes with a sawtooth hanger attached easily removed if another method of hanging is preferred.

0.75 inches Pine wood used to create 5 sizes, measuring the length of the shelf.
The shelf has 4-inch height, 5-inch base (giving 3.5-inch useable area), and 2-inch high edge

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